The Betting System Review Scam - Affliations and Selling Links.


The Betting System Reviews Scam

There is thousands of people looking at sites such as and thinking that these website owners are a godsend, when in reality the punter doesnt understand what goes on behind the scenes.

The portals like have gained good recognition among players due to top notch strategies and therefore classified safe.

But this is not the case with

The last owner Iain Lewington has alot of bad reports about his charcter. He approached one of my clients demanding for a free review, my client refused due to the owners dodgy past. At which point the system was stolen, as admitted on the website. My client didnt offer an affiliation link, so a bad report was processed, he did offer for us to pay for a link on his website and he would do a good review, but the rates were too high, and my client didnt trust the man.

The Long Con

By making the viewer think that they are pinpointing scam artists, they are gaining trust, then they push an affiliate website under the readers nose. This is a great way of marketing. Remember the Vacuum sales man, scaring people about germs and trying to sell them a special hover.  Its a very good marketing tactic.

System Sellers are fighting back

 "The owner of Rubbish Betting System reviews is a total scam artist, he will include your system if you are an affliate on clickbank, "

Betting System Reviews

"Horse betting systems  is a website whereby the owner will look on click bank for affiliate systems and he will write them a good review, if the system does not have an affiliate system, then he will write a bad review, until the system owner agrees to give him a profit share."

Horse Race - Trotting

V75 is one of the world's largest horseracing pools. Every Saturday, V75 takes place at several racetracks across Sweden. In seven scheduled races, you must pick the winning horse (legs). Bettors who pick six or five winners receive consolation rewards. V75 is a Pick7, and the cost of a wager is calculated by multiplying the number of horses you chose in each of the seven legs by the minimum stake. If you follow these V75 tips and begin betting on Norway sports, there are no risks of being scammed.

England news - Horse Racing scam Artists

Iain Lewington is a well known scam artist!

"Beware of Iain Lewington who runs he previously ran a scam called Abacus Racing which ran an illegal trading scheme.

Iain Lewington took over £50,000 ($100,000) of members money then disappeared!

A few people got their money back after getting the authorities involved, but many people were ripped off and never saw their money again.

I got my money back from Iain Lewington after dozens of excuses, delaying tactics from him but after he got a letter from my solicitor he eventually caved in and returned my money."

"Iain Lewington Biggest Scam Ever

I received an email below which I feel might help people on this board who have lost money from Iain Lewington. See below

Dear Friend

I am emailing you about a certain CON MAN called Iain Lewington. He is a PARASITE.

Iain Lewington runs a website called and with this he likes to review other tipster websites and make false claims. My website was recommended by Iain at first until he turned into a despicable human being and did what he does best. He cheated me like he has cheated all of you. I started being a member of other tipster services and then I decided to give up work and earn a living from horse racing tips."